Ralph Lauren’s Polo Modern Reserve (2008)

© Victor Wong
© Victor Wong

Time Capsule from the 80’s

The Basenotes.net article “The Top 10 Discontunued Fragrances for Men” really has an effect on me – I have started looking for those fragrances mentioned in the article at my local shops. It’s actually fun, for the thrill you get from finding one is great, and owning some of the top 10 fragrances gives me an a-hole certificate to lecture my friends who ever ask me to show them some “rare sheetz”.

On the list there is Polo Modern Reserve (2008). It really doesn’t look that rare to me. “It’s hard to find. It’s the 30th Anniversary Edition”, says the Indian perfume shop owner. In fact, I am quite averse to Polo products. The reason is that I come from Hong Kong, and Hong Kong people in the 80’s worshipped Polo. It was our higher middle-class emblem. My mom even bought me a knock-off Polo shirt with a logo of a jockey falling off the horse when I was a teenager. I feel contrived wearing a Polo shirt. (It’s a personal feeling, no offence intended to Polo fans here.)

I don’t think Polo will ever stop making the original Polo perfume, so I think I will never need to get one, particularly I have smelled enough passers-by who wore original Polo that I remember what it smells like. They probably are in their sixties. Now this discontinued limited edition has finally pushed me across the threshold, and if I should own a bottle of Polo, this is it.