Balenciaga’s Le Dix (1947)

© Victor Wong
© Victor Wong

Sorry about yesterday’s perfume shop photo posts. The comments spread like wild fire. Another group invited me to post even more photos, and again, an avalanche of comments. Thank you, but I won’t post such stuff again because it made me broke! I went to the shop today and looked for a lot of the perfumes that people told me were super precious and bought some. Now I don’t want to see my next credit card statement in the mail. There are some regrets, but also some surprises. My strategy is to get the ones that only have one bottle left.

So let me share my first delight – Balenciaga Le Dix EDP… probably very vintage? The perfume bottle almost looks older than me. But it was love at first spray! It instantly reminds me of Mr. Bubbles. That cheery pink bubble bath mascot. Aldehyde, peach, jasmine, all float to the top. Then Mr. Bubbles slowly finishes his bottle of champagne and reveals his dirty side – civet, musks, vetiver, but it’s still fun! Thanks to the folks who pointed it out in the photo!

[Originally posted on Facebook Fragrance Friends group. The moderator didn’t like me posting a lot of photos of a perfume shop that carried a lot of discontinued perfumes.]