Le Labo’s Another 13 (2010)

Le Labo Another 13
© Victor Wong

ISO-E Super Perfumes

My coworker and I got very intrigued by the perfume “Eccentrics Molecules 01”, for which its main ingredient is ISO-E Super, the “MSG” for perfume. When you wear Molecules 01, some say they can’t smell a thing, but those who can say it smells marvellous. Some reviewers say it’s the emperor’s new clothes; you think you are wearing some fine perfume but in fact no one can smell you. I ordered a sample and couldn’t smell a thing.

And here it is, Le Labo Another 13, their own version of Molecules 01, so say the others. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of Molecules 01; it smells so loud that I initially hated it. But after using a few times, I slowly get fond of it. It is like drinking Coke Zero, everything in it is synthetic, but yet I want to drink it.

Le Labo’s Anis 24

Le Labo Anis 24, Home Fragrance, 100ml
© Victor Wong

Being a crazy Le Labo fan, I use their home fragrance as… perfume (don’t call the police). Figure 15 is absolutely the most realistic fig tree scent I have ever smelled, and I LOVE figs. One day I couldn’t resist and sprayed it on my body and I didn’t find it wrong at all, ha ha. (But spraying Bath and Body home scent on your body is wrong.)

I visited Le Labo Toronto today and noticed that they no longer have Anis 24 on display. The sales lady said, “Don’t quote me, but I think Le Labo is slowly discontinuing Anis 24. We no longer receive the concentrate.” If you have been considering getting Anis 24, you might want to take action now.