Jean Patou’s Sira Des Indes (2006)

Jean Patou Sira Des Indes © Victor Wong
Jean Patou Sira Des Indes © Victor Wong

“Where’s my banana? I’m here just for the banana.” I looked at my bottle of Jean Patou’s Sira Des Indes while smelling my wrist. Nope, there wasn’t any banana note the people on Facebook had told me about. Instead, I mostly got a nondescript, mildly sweet and creamy scent. I was slightly disappointed, and I put it aside and completely forgot about it.

Until last week, for no reason, I had decided to give it a full wearing to work. By 10 o’clock, I had realized this nondescript scent was actually quite good… and since then every half an hour I loosened up my collar a bit and looked down to smell this unfamiliar yet calming scent on my neck again… and again… like a troubled man making sure that his nipples were still there.

Sira Des Indes is a very well-blended perfume, so much so that in my opinion it has no standout notes. However, it is not a simple perfume as it contains a lot of notes like pear, bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper, champaca, plum, milk, sandalwood and vanilla, making this perfume mysteriously interesting.

As I have become more familiar with the perfume, I can unravel the blend just a little and smell the banana note. In fact, the inspiration of Sira Des Indes came from a traditional Indian dessert called Sheera, for which recipe ingredients include banana, cardamoms, almonds, milk and sugar. This perfume reminds me of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Traversee du Bosphore, which is a light gourmand perfume based on the Turkish Delight dessert.