Ex Idolo’s Thirty Three (2012)

Ex Idolo Thirty Three, 30ml
Ex Idolo Thirty Three, 30ml © Victor Wong

Ex Idolo’s Thirty Three is a Energizer battery. Once you put it on, you will keep marching and banging your drum for the whole day, shouting  “rose, oud, rose, oud, left, right, left, right,” along your way.

Thirty Three is a relatively simple perfume – rose, oud, patchouli and some auxiliary notes such as black pepper, iris and white tea. What’s really attractive about Thirty Three is its potency, jammy rose and the use of real, good Chinese oud oil. This makes the perfume skanky, as it should be, and addictive. However, there are also some metallic and caoutchouc (rubber tree) notes in it, making it smell like soap – wearing it sometimes makes me feel like I didn’t rinse after applying soap in a shower.

When I knew my local niche perfume shop started carrying Ex Idolo I was quite excited. I walked in the shop and looked around for minutes until I spotted them – they were tiny 30ml bottles! Recently, I have noticed there’s a trend of niche and indie perfume houses releasing smaller size perfumes priced at the “sweet spot” ($100 or less for indie, and a bit more for niche). The amount of perfume in the bottle is actually not too important, but affordability is. $100 is a mental barrier – perfume collectors want a lot of bottles, but they hardly finish one. A 100 ml niche perfume easily costs over $250 or more, so being able to bring home a new bottle at a easier-to-swallow price pacifies your inner demon to acquire more but not break the bank.