Etro’s Royal Pavillon (1989)

© Victor Wong
© Victor Wong

I wonder if you have ever fantasized of living in a different country with a very different culture, or simply in a different era, perhaps the Victorian era or the Middle Ages… I have of fantasy of owning a bakery in Italy before the microwave was invented, and the back of the shop is a little patio garden full of potted lemon trees, where I can sit down and watch the sun set and my Ragdoll cat is rolling on its back on some patio stones.

I happen to have a bottle of perfume that can take me to a different place of a different time, although not exactly that bakery in Italy, but a fantasy royal garden, and that perfume is aptly named “Royal Pavillon” (1989) by Etro. (I guess if they named it “Potpourri in a Bowl Covered with Dust on Top of a Toilet Tank” I might hate it, but thank goodness they did not.)

When I smell Royal Pavillon, I cannot pinpoint which accord exactly gives me that royal pavilion association, but overall it does. The floral in this perfume doesn’t smell fresh; it smells dusty dry, a little bit like potpourri. (You may argue the ingredients that they used in this scent are not top-notch.) The scent also has some “heaviness”, probably due to the use of rose, vetiver and oak moss, and not to mention the use of the famous rat and cat – beaver butts and civet butts. With this heaviness or stillness, I can picture some royals wearing multi-layered clothing slowing walking though a well-manicured garden under a grey sky, thinking about nothing but how boring their next meal is going to be. How great. I will definitely wear this perfume more often during the winter times.