Demeter’s Glue

© Victor Wong
© Victor Wong

The only thing I couldn’t stand about my super awesome coworker is that she loves to overlay perfumes. One time she was wearing Versace Baby Jeans layered with Byredo’s Seven Veils. I jokingly said, “So this is Seven Baby Diapers?” I think for two perfumes to get layered successfully (which is also subjective, but you get my point), the perfumes themselves cannot be too complex, otherwise it could become a big confusing mess.

So when I discovered Demeter’s line of products (I really don’t want to call them fragrances, but more on that later), I immediately suggested the brand to my coworker for they are simple, fun, affordable and often silly scents, such as Baby Powder, Gin and Tonic, Dirt, Play-doh, etc. We both bought some small bottles for fun; but it didn’t require a few minutes before she started experimenting mixing different scents together. I don’t remember what she had mixed together, but it wasn’t too bad!

Of all the scents that I bought, I really liked Glue. Yes, the smell of glue, particularly of UHU glue. (A German brand clear synthetic resin adhesive.) When I was in grade school, I was super crazy about Arts and Crafts class. I don’t remember any of the fine and fabulous things that I had made now, but I can remember the sweet smell of UHU glue, and its playful property. While I am lucky that I have never developed an addiction to sniffing chemical products, but, really, the smell of UHU glue is amazing (Please, don’t sniff glue, it’s bad, M’kay?), and to me, also childhood-in-a-bottle. (UHU probably know one of their distinctive selling points is the smell of their glue solvent, so while they have a new odourless version, they are keeping the original in the market.)

One last thing about Demeter’s “fragrances”. If Escentric’s Molecules (100% ISO E Super and alcohol) is a fragrance, do you consider Demeter’s products fragrances? It’s definitely more complex than Molecules!