Pharrel Williams’ Girl (2014)

© Victor Wong
© Victor Wong

Hey look, I bought a very cute bottle! Wait… it has perfume in it?

I admit I bought Pharrel Williams’ Girl really because of the bottle design. I didn’t know who Pharrell Williams was, but later found out he’s the singer of the really popular “Happy” song. (Sorry, I live under a rock.)

The scent is designed by Antonie Lie and the project is led by Comme des Garcons. I am not a huge fan of Comme des Garcons but I have all 5 perfumes from their Incense series (I can’t stress how much I love incense), which I find them to be very chilly, minimalistic and novel. I expected something similar for Girl, and I was half right. The expected part is the opening of Girl, which is a swinging log trap – one spray and I’ve got smacked in the head by two huge logs coming from opposite sides, one sandalwood and the other cedar, followed by a bucket filled with of ISO-E Super that drops down from the sky landing on my belly. I lay on the ground covered with patchouli and vetiver grass, cringing… could this be the perfect moment for Pharrel Williams to come out from the forest singing and dancing to his song “Happy”, but no, here comes the unexpected part: I’ve got served with some incomprehensible middle notes – almond cake? peppers? flowers? milk? Something sweet and lightly floral (and marginally nauseating) to soften the impact of the woody smackdown.

The scent actually matches the graphic design of the bottle – it’s modern, pop, unisex, and even a bit cartoony, but definitely not for kids.