© Victor Wong
© Victor Wong

Dear readers,

Victor Wong here. You probably would have guessed that I am a perfume lover? This crazy obsession with perfumes didn’t start early like most “fume heads” did since their childhood/teenage years; mine started when I was in my early 40s. I got so passionate about it that I started posting my SOTD (scent of the day) on various Facebook perfume groups together with my photos (I also love photography) and a little paragraph of my thoughts or “adventure stories”. I did this on and off for almost a year, and little did I realize that I had created some “fans” of my posts who loved to read a little bit more.

Originally I didn’t want to archive my posts because I thought Facebook was immortal and my posts would survive forever. But each Facebook group receives hundred of posts from hundreds of people everyday, my posts got buried under new posts almost immediately. People could still look for my older posts by doing a simple search of my name, but one day I realized that I couldn’t access my own posts after a Facebook group kicked me off from their group for something that I had said. That perfume group was one the biggest groups on Facebook which I got most of the feedbacks from its readers. That incident was quite devastating to me, but luckily, and unexpectedly, I received a lot of kind words and encouragement from many Facebook readers. I thought that was the perfect time to start archiving my posts so that people who are interested in my posts could access them. I still post on other Facebook perfume groups (however, some of them are closed groups and require approvals from the group administrators), but if you prefer a central place for my writing, this is the place.

A note on my writing: English is my second language, and I still make a lot of grammar mistakes. I always want to improve my writing skill, but when you reach a level that most people think the mistakes are trivial, they will not care to point them out. Feel free to correct me by making a comment! I really appreciate it.

Finally, I want to let you know that I have started my own perfume company called Zoologist in Toronto, Canada in late 2013. I teamed up with two talented perfumers (one in UK and one in US) to create my own line of perfumes. All perfumes are named after an animal and they smell very creative. You can find out more information by visiting https://www.facebook.com/zoologistperfumes

Best regards,

Victor Wong


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello! I’ve just found your site while digging through some reviews on Fragrance Reviewers’ Café. Wonderful! Can’t wait to read more! jtd


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