Amouage’s Journey for Women (2014)

Amouage Journey for Women © Victor Wong
Amouage Journey for Women © Victor Wong

For me, Amouage is easy to love, but not easy to fall in love with. Their packaging, stellar. The ingredients that they used in their perfumes, excellent. The titles of their perfume, grand and emotionally stirring. The amount of discussion and almost exaggerated love I found on the Internet, abundant. But, except Amouage Gold for Men that I love so dearly, I haven’t found one that makes me want to kneel down and say please take my money or I won’t leave this shop. Now I know the reason – Instead of paying attention to their perfumes for women, I focused on their perfumes for men, which often understandably lack apparent floral accords, and that bores me endlessly. (I understand that they are good, but just not for me. Now please untie me and remove the duct tape on my face.)

There are a few Amouage perfumes for women that I really like (Fate, Ubar, Gold for Women), but Journey for Women won my heart in a split second. Before I made my purchase, I had visited Fragrantica for readers’ comments – woah, why all the hate? People say it doesn’t smell like other Amouage perfumes, which are heavy, spicy, bombastic, and beastly… but that’s exactly the reasons why I like Journey for Women – it’s fresher and lighter.

Journey for Women is essentially an osmanthus nectar perfume infused with some small doses of spices such as nutmeg and vanilla. Osmanthus flowers smell like apricots and the aroma is creamy and mouthwatering. Combined with a bit of honey, mimosa and saffron, the perfume smells like a light candy that never rots your teeth. I live in Toronto with an ever increasing Chinese population and the supermarkets are now carrying more Mainland Chinese food products that I have never seen before. One of the recent discovery is osmanthus honey; it is not as sweet and animalic as regular honey, but it’s more floral and fragrant. The honey even has many beautiful tiny edible flower petals in it. Put some of that in yoghurt and you will have an extraordinary dessert. I digress…

If Journey for Women were a woman, she has a pretty sweet face, just 30 years old, but, on the first date you realize she isn’t as immaculate as you’ve imagined – just like most Chinese after the revolution, her favorite past time activity is chain smoking. Well, she only likes the smell of tobacco leaves, she says… The tobacco in Journal for Women adds an extra layer of sensuality to this perfume and It’s a pleasure to wear… I would like to stay a bit longer instead of going forth on a journey West.

Author: Victor Wong

A perfume lover - niche, designer, modern, vintage, I love them all. I am also the owner of Zoologist Perfumes, a small Canadian perfume house. Please visit or for more info!

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