Neil Morris Fragrances’ Izmir (2009)

Ephesus of Izmir, Turkey © Victor Wong
Ephesus of Izmir, Turkey © Victor Wong

I had had such a good time in Turkey that I swore I would visit it one more time before I die. I had only spent three days in Istanbul and Izmir, but the culture, history and people left a lasting impression on me. The ancient temples and ruins were definitely magnificent, but the local people were so friendly that almost made me feel a bit uneasy. (My taxi driver insisted on sharing his lunch with me but I thought it was his meal of the day and I declined his generous offer making him quite upset!)

Time in Turkey went by very fast – I was dashing from one landmark to another that I had forgotten to relax and enjoy the little things, like sitting down in a coffee house and enjoy a cup of famous Turkish coffee. I remember as I was leaving the Ephesus ruins in Izmir, I saw a street vendor selling Turkish figs. He was selling them in a bouquet, instead of big blooming flowers, you have giant Arnold Schwarzenegger figs, so ripe and colourful that looked they were about to burst. I wished I had bought a bunch and tried some, or at least took a picture, but regrettably I didn’t.

When I found out Neil Morris Fragrances had a perfume called Izmir and the main notes contained coffee and figs, I thought, what a coincident, as if this perfume could fill in the missing parts of my trip! If I have never visited Izmir, Neil Morris’ Izmir is a very nice, well blended perfume with coffee as the dominant note. But when you have unexpected figs and papayas in a coffee perfume, you realize it is not exactly a regular gourmand perfume, but a creative interpretation of a city through its local culinary delights.

Top notes are papaya, orange and cinnamon; middle notes are fig, rose, geranium and coffee; base notes are vanilla, agarwood (oud), sea notes and patchouli.

Neil Morris Fragrances' Izmir © Victor Wong
Neil Morris Fragrances’ Izmir © Victor Wong

Author: Victor Wong

A perfume lover - niche, designer, modern, vintage, I love them all. I am also the owner of Zoologist Perfumes, a small Canadian perfume house. Please visit or for more info!

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