Lubin’s Korrigan (2012)

Lubin Korrigan © Victor Wong
Lubin Korrigan © Victor Wong

In front of you are two glasses of red wine, one poured from a bottle that costs 85 cents Euro, (yes, I have seen those in a supermarket in Spain; they are cheaper than bottled water), while the other costs $50 a bottle. Can you taste which one is from the more expensive bottle? May be? Now here’s another round. You are told that both glasses of red wine in front of you are of exceptional quality, but one is extra-extraordinary, ground-breaking even, and it got a rare 5 star rating from the world-renowned red wine expert, Duca Durin. I wonder, will you find yourself feeling a bit pedestrian, or inadequate, if you can’t tell which glass is the “unique” one? You pride yourself for owning a little basement stocked up with red wine of different sorts, and you have the perfect bottle to recommend to friends and family members for different meals and different occasions, but now you are uncertain about yourself. Or will you say, who cares about what experts say, I like what I like, and that unique red wine is not that unique anyway… but secretly you want to have that connoisseur tongue, able to tell the distinct subtleties that make it a masterpiece.

Lubin’s Korrigan is that unique “red wine”, which I simply don’t get why Luca Turin says it’s so great. I simply don’t. May be one day I will get it. I worry about, what if I own a perfume company, and the perfumer sends me his latest creation for evaluation and I dismiss it as “meh” but in fact it is a masterpiece? The town mayor telling Michelangelo that the nose of David needs to be chiseled down a bit because it’s “too big”?

Could it be Korrigan is both a whiskey and a cognac; an elegant saffron scent corrupted with a tinge of oud; a luxurious leather that also smells of cheap plastic flip flops; a piece of vanilla cake that doesn’t taste rich enough to be considered a dessert; a scent that doesn’t last for more two hours on my skin and reappears around my neck six hours later…what is it? I put it in a bin labeled “To be Determined”.


Author: Victor Wong

A perfume lover - niche, designer, modern, vintage, I love them all. I am also the owner of Zoologist Perfumes, a small Canadian perfume house. Please visit or for more info!

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