Parfums Jamaica’s Nothing

© Victor Wong
© Victor Wong

“What are you wearing? You smell so good!” “Oh, Nothing.”

“When you are in love, all you should wear is… Nothing*”

Ba dum tssshhh!

In virtual reality, what is likely to happen is this: “SOTD: Nothing. This juice is a compliment getter. I tell ya, this is definitely something, not nothing.” In reality, no one has given you any compliments.

Joking aside, Nothing smells great to me. But I didn’t actively look for that bottle, it was recommended by a sales lady from a perfume shop in Toronto that carried a lot of discontinued perfumes.The sales ladies know that I don’t search for contemporary designer fragrances, and they like to show me what they like instead. “Nothing” had to be pretty awesome to them for it was buried behind some unpopular perfumes on the topmost shelf that required a step ladder to reach, and they would still go the extra mile to show it to me.

Nothing is also fun because it’s mysterious to me. Fragrantica doesn’t have a record of it. It is made by Perfums Jamaica Ltd. in Jamaica (duh); the box doesn’t have any barcodes on it, and the bottle and box design look very retro and rudimentary. The box is so simple and low budget that I can’t even tell if it was made in the 70s’ or 2000s’ – they are probably using the same print template for decades without updating it. The packaging actually reminds me some no-label homemade hot sauce you find in some mom and pop store in a remote town, and the neighbour all have a bottle in their kitchen because it’s “so good”. (And not to mention that mom and pop don’t carry any niche hot sauce.)

Because there’s no cheat sheet from Fragrantica, I would say Nothing is a… chypre? It has a genuine oakmoss base note smell (may be vetiver too), and on top a rather rich and complex floral accord (could be a rose/jasmine combo). Altogether it smells rich, bombastic, and a little bitter. It also smells vintage, but not granny. What’s funny is that I can visualize a Jamaican kid running down the stairs to see to her big aunt come for a visit, she drops her sweet potato casserole on the kitchen counter, and gives that kid a suffocating bear hug, and the scent she is wearing is “Nothing”, and it doesn’t go away till the next day.

*From Parfums Jamaica’s website,


Author: Victor Wong

A perfume lover - niche, designer, modern, vintage, I love them all. I am also the owner of Zoologist Perfumes, a small Canadian perfume house. Please visit or for more info!

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