Montana’s Parfum de Peau (1986)

© Victor Wong
© Victor Wong

I didn’t know about the Montana brand till I read the “Top 10 discontinued male fragrances” article on Montana Homme is amazing; I bought the cheapo 50ml traveller’s kit for $12 and later bought the 100ml as my first ever backup bottle for an equally cheap $20. (Note: it has been reformulated, if you are interested, get the one in the red box.) Montana Parfum de Peau (1986), the women’s version, however, didn’t make the top 10 list of discontinued women’s perfumes, and it’s a shame.

I blamed its modest minimalist packaging, for the longest time it didn’t get any of my attention whenever I visited a perfume shop. But, eventually I heard its weeping sound and looked up and saw it sitting on the top shelf, and decided to bring it home. I’d say it’s one of my best blind-buys. First of all, the bottle rocks. Folks who live in Toronto probably know there is a pair of very famous condo buildings nicknamed Marilyn Monroe in the neighbouring city, Mississauga. The bottle of Montana Parfum de Peau looks crazier than those towers, and not to mention it was designed in 1986, not 2006, without the aid of industrial design software. The scent itself, is another big surprise. I’d say I feel very satisfied when I am wearing it – nothing seems missing and it’s very “full”. Almost like going into a hot bath with the perfect water temperature – a little bliss. I didn’t analyze of the genre of the perfume when I first applied the perfume, for there was so much going on – most noticeably black currant leaves, blackberries, pepper, marigold, aldehyde, the heavy floral top notes hitters, followed by another wave of thick layer of floral mix middle notes; only two hours later I realized it’s a leather chypre. Strangely, it reminded me a little bit of Estee Lauder’s White Linen, except half-way through rolling in the giant bed you realized it’s Brown Linen for someone who wore a leather jacket had slept in that bed before.

Absolute World Towers, Mississauga. © Victor Wong
Absolute World Towers, Mississauga. © Victor Wong

Author: Victor Wong

A perfume lover - niche, designer, modern, vintage, I love them all. I am also the owner of Zoologist Perfumes, a small Canadian perfume house. Please visit or for more info!

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