Le Labo’s Cuir 28 (2013)

© Victor Wong
© Victor Wong

I don’t think I will ever need to worry about getting a backup bottle of Le Labo’s Cuir 28, because I will never finish it. I might wear it once a year when no one’s home, or when there is a super moon in the sky.

Cuir 28, to me, is almost unwearable. If I try to analyze it, I would say the ingredients used are geniune. (Vetiver, leather, cedar woods, etc.) But it’s just that everything is so concentrated that it’s almost a biohazard. It’s like someone is offering you Earl Grey tea, but instead of in a cup with cream and sugar, he wets the teabag in hot water and asks you to suck it. It’s stronger than Bandit, but all the flowers are torched by Le Labo’s flamethrower squad.

If you are hot and sexy, wearing Cuir 28 would probably help you look like an egomaniac ready for some S&M session. (No offence to all the hot and sexy people here.) For normal folks, it is not a scent to wear to work, to a date, to school, to the gym, to an important meeting, to hold a baby, but may be good for a walk in the woods or a leather bar by yourself, or sitting alone by a Gothic window watching the sun scorch the desert.

Author: Victor Wong

A perfume lover - niche, designer, modern, vintage, I love them all. I am also the owner of Zoologist Perfumes, a small Canadian perfume house. Please visit www.zoologistperfumes.com or www.facebook.com/zoologistperfumes for more info!

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